Busy and Loving Life

My life has been busy, yet calm. I enjoy where we are right now and I hope to for forever - no matter what. But I am learning that I am not great/good/mediocre at documenting and preserving the memories. I have more "good intentions" than anyone I know; ie: blog, journal for each child, smashbook, 1000gifts journal, and I'm sure many more that I have forgotten. The only updates I keep up with easily are pictures on instagram. So if you follow me there than you are up to date on our life.

Recently I changed a lot of my online passwords - the whole "heartbleed" virus debacle. However, because I wrote them all somewhere and promptly forgot where I put the paper; I have been unable to even access my blog for about 2 weeks, or more. The process for changing the password again was harder than it should have been and finally here I am today with a renewed desire to update more often.

So here are the big things that have happened since my last posting:

I turned 30 and B turned 3!!! We both had great birthday celebrations. I went a bit overboard and threw some parties for myself; all successful but all self-focused. So with renewed focus on the Lord, I am so excited for year 30 and all He has for me.

sisters on my birthday

Easter was a great celebration of God's goodness and our remembrance of His death on the cross and resurrection. Our church also celebrated the growth we have experienced and we look forward to building a bigger meeting place this year. 

Family Picture, Easter 2014
The week before Easter we grew our pet population by adding 12 chicks and 3 pigs in two days! We are raising chickens for eggs and pigs for meat. I am learning to enjoy the satisfaction of "farming" and raising our own food. So far, all the pets are still alive and the garden has been planted so I count that a win!

The 3 Little Pigs (3 lovely ladies)

For B's birthday, we went to Hogle Zoo! He loved it and we had a wonderful time with family. His actual birthday was spent at the park and other events with family. (see a super cute video on the instagram account of his birthday song at Applebees)

Momma and boy on the carousel at the zoo

Flying on his birthday!
As you can see, April was a busy month so I will stop there and finish the May update in a separate post - because it was equally as busy and wonderful.