"office" party at gompert- miflin

hi friends,

for those who want to know, (and those within utah's borders)

we are having an office party to watch the premier of the office 4th season

the party begins at 7:45 with the office starting at 8:00

meet at my house (call for directions)

dress as a character from the show (i will be pam)

and bring office type snacks to share

comment to tell me if you can come

(you don't have to dress up)

see you later, amy

go geography

hey all,

i went to the coffee shop yesterday, and started grading papers. long story short, my geography students need more practice with maps. also, i ran into one of my old geography professors at the coffee shop, and he was working on some research (you know, that's what they have to do). anyway, we talked for a while about geography,the snow pack, and teaching. it was good, it made me miss being in geography classes having similar discussions with other geographers. so if you are interested in geography, find me so we can talk about it.

good news, bad news game

good news: i spent money on scrapbook supplies and they are so good
bad news: i am not motivated to do homework because of it

good news: work is going great, and i love my students
bad news: i have to endure 6 or so observations for student teaching

good news: lots of fun stuff this weekend
bad news: not enough time to do them all

good news: sarah is a good study buddy
bad news: her homework is easier

good news: i found a coffee shop to study at
bad news: i don't like it as much as got coffee

good news: the ladies at church are fun to scrapbook with
bad news: i stayed up way to late last night

good news: it sounds like this song... good news, good news, Christ died for me. good news, good news, if i believe. good news, good news, i'm saved eternally. that's wonderful EXTRA! good news.
bad news: not everyone believes that Christ is good news.

have a great day, go share the good news.

the one with the crazy week

hi friends,

a small update for you. this week has been one of the most exhausting in all my teaching career. one of the seniors at chs passed away last saturday, so our school hasn't been normal this week. pray for his host family and his family in s. korea as they take him home. thank you to those who were an encouragement to me this week, i needed it.

i am glad it is saturday, i was able to sleep in. anyway, i am doing great and i am ready for a new week next week. i begin student teaching next week with a meeting with the education professor who will be observing me. pray that all goes well so i can finally get my teaching certificate and be done with school.

i have made a new commitment to really strive to be the best follower of God i can be. i want to desire to read and pray above anything else i have to do, i want to be an encouragement to others and not put people down. i want to do these things, but i need your prayers and encouragement. i would also like to deepen my friendships as well, but that seems so hard when i am so busy with work and school and life. anyway, i am trying, but it will take some doin'