"office" party at gompert- miflin

hi friends,

for those who want to know, (and those within utah's borders)

we are having an office party to watch the premier of the office 4th season

the party begins at 7:45 with the office starting at 8:00

meet at my house (call for directions)

dress as a character from the show (i will be pam)

and bring office type snacks to share

comment to tell me if you can come

(you don't have to dress up)

see you later, amy


Kaytee said...

We will be there for sure and I might be Pam too (she's the only one with curly hair!) :o) I can't wait!

ryan said...

oh how i am longing to come! i have been waiting for this moment for weeks... i just finished the 3rd season a few weeks ago, it was amazing! i love it, i wish i could be there... if i could come, i would be jim dressed as dwight. :)

Claire said...

i LOVE thta you guys are doing this! I'm sorry we can't come this week but hopefully we'll be there for the next one if it happens! We'll be watching from our apartment, and I'll be working :( I hope you guys have fun- I would come as Dwight because I love him, and if I had time I'd make a cheesy pita like Ryan tries to make in Season 2 and set off the fire alarm....