good news, bad news game

good news: i spent money on scrapbook supplies and they are so good
bad news: i am not motivated to do homework because of it

good news: work is going great, and i love my students
bad news: i have to endure 6 or so observations for student teaching

good news: lots of fun stuff this weekend
bad news: not enough time to do them all

good news: sarah is a good study buddy
bad news: her homework is easier

good news: i found a coffee shop to study at
bad news: i don't like it as much as got coffee

good news: the ladies at church are fun to scrapbook with
bad news: i stayed up way to late last night

good news: it sounds like this song... good news, good news, Christ died for me. good news, good news, if i believe. good news, good news, i'm saved eternally. that's wonderful EXTRA! good news.
bad news: not everyone believes that Christ is good news.

have a great day, go share the good news.


Anonymous said...

This is for your comment you left on my comic post:
The lake is a really poor analogy. I tried to be clever but it didn't work. Sorry! and by the way, hi

Anonymous said...

What is your new coffee shop? Where is it located?

sarah said...

that map game is addicting...send it to me!

Ciao Baby said...

good news: you write well
bad news: I relate too well to the bad news