I love being a mother

I am a mother and I love it. There are days that I am worn out and tired and very frustrated but it is all trivial compared to the gift I have in my children. My kids, J and B, are the best I could ever imagine. I am not going to write a post about how much I love my kids or what they have taught me - mostly because I haven't processed all of that yet. I am just going to tell you about two songs that are so special to my heart.

I really enjoy a singer/songwriter named JJ Heller. She and her husband write songs together. They have many records and tour around the country every so often. They also have two girls that are around the same age as my kids. JJ has written a song dedicated to each of her girls and I took them as my own for my kids. (side note- someday I would like to write a song or two but just not right now.) I sing her song, "Keep You Safe" to J sometimes before bed or if she is unsettled at night. I recently found her new song, "Boat Song" and I sing it to B now. Here's a link to both of the songs. I hope you enjoy them. She doesn't have an official video for "Keep You Safe" but I found a video someone has made with the song and lyrics. It's hard to see the words because they used yellow font over a busy background but it's the best I could find on youtube.

Keep You Safe by JJ Heller

Boat Song by JJ Heller