i changed my mind

hello again, i am back after a short break from posting yesterday. i had to go to the doctor yesterday, and i ended up staying home after that, so i didn't have access to the internet. i am feeling better today, and ready to tell you what fun i have had already. i was going to post about my school work and moving and all the busy things i have to do. as i sat down to write my post, a huge group of college kids walked through the door of got coffee. i knew they were probably a mission team of some time because whenever mission teams are in ogden they usually stop at a coffee shop. anyway, not five minuites later, a boy named nathan asked if he could sit with me. we started talking and he asked me about homework, and i asked him about his group. he is with a group of fifty students from biola university. they are here on spring break, "bringing love to the mormons." he was really excited, and at the end of our conversation we prayed together which is something christians don't do enough of.

so i posted a prayer request for them if you think about them this week, they are here till sunday. also, i changed the Bible encouragement. this verse has helped me remember that when times are hard, they are not that bad because God's yoke is easy, and His burden is light. may you be encouraged this week by God's love and His word!


Anonymous said...

:) God's touch is Everywhere!
Ciao Baby

micah said...

hey amy...i hope you're feeling better after the doctor. i'm praying for you. so....not much to say today other than that so ill see you tomorrow at school. :)

Meredith said...

that's an awesome opportunity. You were in the right spot at the right time it sounds like. I'm sure you were a huge blessing to that kid.
Hope that you're feeling better soon. Have a great week.

Claire said...

Hey! Matt told me about that group! I've been praying for them- always makes me a little nervous- but sounds like the guy you met was cool, I'm glad to hear it!