nothing better than sundays and grandparents!

even though i am sitting at got coffee right now doing homework, (which i always do) , i love how sundays "feel". i know you know what i mean. it's a relaxed time to be around friends and worship together.
my grandparents came to church with us today, which is a big deal because they are lds and it took a long time for them to even step foot in a church on days that aren't sunday. but anyway, i picked them up and brought them through trappers loop to huntsville. they have met some of the people from church because of my wedding, so i know they weren't completely uncomfortable. i think the people at church were very inviting, and pt's (pastor terry) message was very salvation ressurection driven because of easter. i'm not sure how much of the message they understood, but they said it was fun and they enjoyed it. i know i don't do everything i can to share the gospel with my unsaved family, but i am trying.

if you read this, please pray for my grandparents ab and janett. pray that they would pull down their walls that keep them from God and listen to His calling. here's a picture of them from my wedding,

thanks, and God bless you on this palm sunday,


Kim-Kim said...

Yay! I am so glad that you finally made a blog. It is such a good way to keep up on life and fun and good times!
Dinner this weekend was so fun, I really enjoy getting to hang out with you.
Later friend, I love you!

ryan said...

homework on a sunday afternoon at a coffee shop... you are a student. ;) me too thought. i was just doing mine at home

Anonymous said...

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Mel said...

I will be praying for your g-parents!