interesting quote from my reading today

"un-deify the american family, and say boldly that our children are not our cause; they are given to us to train for a cause. they are given to us for a short season so that we can train them for the great causes of truth and mercy and justice in a prejudiced, pain-filled, and perishing world." - john piper

comments? i'm pretty sure i agree with that statement but there are times when i feel like my baby is my only cause and i get all wrapped up in it. i hope this will help me to keep my life balanced and remember to train her for a purpose and not just keep her safe, which sometimes is hard to do.


Keri said...

This is an idea I've been attempting to come to terms with. As much as I think of Liam as "mine" it seems like God is constantly showing me that he isn't. I can't control him and he is rapidly growing into his own person. The best I can do is train him as God wants me to and let him go when he's ready. Easier said than done.

Linda said...

I believe that our kids ARE our ministry- (even if they may not be the only one, which would be healthier spiritually if they aren't). No one else will be as watchful & concerned over every aspect of their development as their parents- we are "entrusted" with them for a time, and responsible for teaching them truth. Down the road, as they become old enough to spend time with teachers, the journey and sowing of seeds in their lives can be shared with others, but it's primarily our responsibility, and our joy. It is hard to let them go, over time, but I am loving watching the young adults my kids have become, and I'm so grateful for all of the wonderful people along the way who have "come alongside" to influence them in life-spurring ways. Jane has so many in her "cloud of witnesses", cheering her on! So keep doing what you're doing- love her, teach her, enjoy her.