it is harder than i thought to live without constant internet access

i think i just wrote the longest blog title i have ever written. anyway, we moved 2 weeks ago and still don't have internet (the guy comes tomorrow) i can check things on my phone but updating is not practical. i thought that living without tv and internet would be a good break but i did not do anything more productive than i usually did when we had tv. i still wasted time (maybe not as much) i didn't read any books or clean more. i did listen to more music than i normal, which was nice - jane has now listened to all my johnny cash songs.

our new house is so nice - before and some after pictures coming soon. i drove from my house to villa bella in 15 min. today! i think that is a record, and i wasn't even speeding. i didn't have many red lights.

okay, i have a lot of plans in this small window of internet time i have, so i bid you farewell for now

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Sarah said...

I want those Johnny Cash songs....please?! CD swap this weekend. Ready, set, go! ...Not cute! ...I threw that in for fun.