come with me,

i'll take you on a tour of...

which is my grandparent's cabin (view of outside, front porch)

this is how long it is (kinda small, but cozy)

this is underneath the cabin, (we used to play in the dirt under there when we were little)

now we go inside the front door. my parents are currently remodeling the cabin in order to maximize the usage of the space and update the 1980s look. pete and i went up yesterday to help my parents, my sister, and my grandparents work. straight ahead is the back door, bedroom and bathroom (near my dad and pete). to the left is the living room and to the right is the kitchen.

sarah and i in the bathroom mirror

now we will venture upstairs to the loft.

this is where we as children slept at the cabin, many memories and good times in this loft, beware, it gets really hot up there in the summer.

the cabin is surrounded by aspen trees which are my favorite trees ever

outside is also my favorite swing, we had family reunions, good talks, and even naps on this swing.

we could also ride motorcycles at the cabin, i was never daring enough. but i did ride the 70 (not pictured) around quite a bit.

well, that concludes our tour, sarah gives a thumbs up for a job well done. i really miss the way that the old cabin was, but the new and improved cabin will hopefully be around for a long time. this cabin is the place i learned how to ride a motorcycle, make a good snow fort, dig in sawdust for money (my grandma's crazy idea), play space invaders, hide notes in the ceiling so my friend christine and i could come back years later and read about the times we had, and i also learned how to shoot at bumble bees with a bb gun (not our brightest moment, i blame craig).

thanks once again for coming on the tour. we are going to have a bbq later in the fall for grow groups, i'll let you know more later.

ciao from...

(sorry if the pictures are spread out too much, i couldn't control it!)

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sarah said...

too bad the hammock isn't up anymore...and that little cupboard that we used to climb into and jump out and scare people...and that awesome star constellations book...
this only means that we need to make more good memories and good times!

p.s. when the bathrooms finished i wonder if grandma will put the "10 cents pay as you go" sign up again?!

see you tomorrow.