august update

well friends, i am back to the blogging world. we returned yesterday from a wonderful wedding in salem oregon (not the witch trial salem), anyway, congratulations to glendon and kaytee (go glendo) it was a wonderful party and it makes me so happy that they are so happy. sarah took a bunch of pictures (look for the one with the squirrel) so i'm sure her next post will be a great documentation of our trip.

august is pretty busy for me. i'm glad to get back to grow group tonight, it should be a good time.

this week is my last week at the day care summer camp, then on to getting ready for the school year.

pete leaves tomorrow for a four day trip to michigan to buy frisbees and learn how to better do his job. pray for us as i hate it when he leaves, and i also don't like to be alone. but we will both be working, he will work on seminary, and i on school plans.

sidenote: pete began a seminary degree online and he has to read a bunch of articles, listen to sermons, and critique all of them: end note

matthew and claire are getting married on saturday (yeah, for them) so it will be another weekend of party times!

i officially go back to work on the 16th, school begins on the 22nd, and weber begins on the 26th. i will be completing my degree with student teaching until december. this fall will be busy and exciting.

pray for me as we journey along, that we may enjoy close fellowship, and always keep God as the center of our everything. have a great day.

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