what i think

i think this new blog beta is fun.
i think grounds is a strange place.
i think teacher meetings are stressful.
i think my car is too cool for me.
i think the mountains are gigantic.
i think my church is the best place for me right now.
i think my marriage is not as good as it should be.
i think the Bible is the word of God.
i think i should read it more.

i think teal is my favorite color.
i think carrie should move here.
i think 70 degrees is perfect.
i think yellow is ugly.
i think i am too serious.
i think i should travel more.
i think in groups of 3.
i think pete is my bestfriend.
i think "crocs" are weird looking.

i think grades are unnessessary.
i think red hair is sexy for girls, not boys.
i think metal chairs are uncomfortable.
i think egg nog is delicious.
i think my family loves me.
i think ephesians 3 is my favorite chapter of the Bible.
i think encouraging friends are the best kind to have.
i think God made me for such a time as this.
i think you are wonderful for listening.


sarah said...

i think you're the best sister in the world!

Ciao Baby said...

i think God made you sooooo special.