my Christmas shoes

no, this is not a post about the song, but i thought that sarah and kelli would enjoy the title. anyway, for Christmas this year, pete and i bought our own gifts for each other to give. i choose to buy some shoes i have wanted for a while now. they are from a company called TOMS shoes. the actual shoes are different from any pair i have ever owned and i like them, but i like them more because for every pair you buy they give one pair to a person who doesn't have shoes (usually a child.) the style i choose is called habitante and they are perfect for me, being a geography teacher. also, they remind me to pray for the less fortunate around the world. i leave you with the words from my shoes:

if the world was a village of 100 people:
1 has AIDS
3 are slaves
14 are illiterate
20 are malnourished
23 drink polluted water
25 have no shelter
30 are unemployed
33 have no electricity
40 - have no shoes
43 live on less than 2$ a day
48 have no sanitation
58 have parasites

remember your Creator - Ecclesiastes 12: 1 - 8 and pray for the hurting in our world


jen said...

I saw a story a long time ago on the guy that started TOMS...I always appreciate stories like that where one guy has a thought and makes it a reality and makes a difference in the lives of many people. We take for granted the benefits of shoes...not just comfort, but the disease it can help prevent.

Jan said...

...I will remember :)