full day

today has been a busy day. 
i got to sleep in (should have gone to the gym)
then we met at matt's shop to give mike his birthday present (a new bike!) 
afterwards we went to brunch at cj's (i ate french toast)
then on to target to get mother's day gifts (i found two good things)
i met with my project group at costa vida for lunch (for my summer class in june)
home to take care of bella and clean up (also made some cards)
off to the coffee shop to work on music for jamaica (and blog)
later to mike's for a party (he is 27 now)
hopefully that is it (oh and sleeping)

also, i have not read my Bible today (there is still time?) so if you see me, ask me how that is going because i am struggling with making time for God and that is what i need the most. i pray sometimes, i think about Him and i even talk about Him to others; but, i don't really sit and meditate and listen to Him. 

so how was your day? i love saturdays sometimes, today was one of those times. the day is full, but now stressful, that's how i like it sometimes (fun and necessity) (and parenthesis) hope you had a great day and to those who post only sometimes... if your last post is from april or before, it is time for a new one!  

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