kickboxing baby

today baby g was extremely active. i was almost late to work because i stayed in bed a little too long just feeling her kick around. she was practicing her kickboxing for sure, pow pow pa pow! all day long it was like that - even now as i type. so far it is my favorite part of pregnancy. 

the trip to st. george finished well. my team did not do as well as i had hoped but they had a good time and i hope they tried their best. the 3rd quarter is now over and we have entered the last 9 weeks of the school year. in many ways i am so excited, but i am a little sad because i won't be back next year. i am very glad i decided to stay home next year and i have many goals i am working on even before the baby comes, but i know i will miss teaching - however long i am away from the classroom. 

geo - challenge is my new favorite game on facebook. i play it a lot, but not as much as gerald (you must play all day long or something... we are out to get you, watch out) i love it not just because i am a geography geek, but because it is good information to know. 

next week i will be turning 25 years old! quarter of a century. 

i have to go read my Bible now, i haven't read it yet today... have a great week! 


Kimber said...

It definitely is one of the coolest things to see a baby kicking and you can actually see themm oving around in a person's belly,love it!

And, I think you will enjoy being 25, I did :)

jen said...

I had kickboxing babies too! It really is the coolest part of'll miss it so much after she's born (although it gets more and more uncomfortable the bigger she gets).

I'm happy for you (and baby) that you are staying home next year. You and Daisy Dukes Gompert can come to the studio every week so I can torture you with my camera!!

25!! 25 seems like a long time ago. It wasn't a great year for me (that was the year my mom died). But my jeans were much smaller at 25. :)

p.s. there's nothing wrong with waddling.

Sarah said...

You old woman. jk
What are we going to do for your birthday!?
We need to formulate a plan of attack on gerald! I do not understand how he does it!