birthday and baby shower

today i am 25 years old! so far i have received wonderful gift cards from my loving hubby (i didn't know what i wanted so he got me something from my favorite stores), many texts from friends, and my work day is half over. tonight i am participating in a school fundraiser for the quiz bowl team (the teachers are going to win for sure) after that, it is largely unplanned but i will hang out with pete no matter what we end up doing. 

this week i also had a baby shower given by one of our secretaries in the office from the whole staff. it was a joint baby shower because our other secretary, bethany, is pregnant due may 8th. we had a great time and it was really fun to see the male teachers react to all the ladies' sighs and ooos and awwwws. 

pictures from the shower:

susan's daughter decorated this cake for us
gift table, my foil balloon came undone and is currently 20 feet up on the ceiling, oops. 
there was baby confetti and this little cards with parenting related Bible verses on them
sample of the friends that joined us
bethany and me - we had fun opening gifts for sure
i laid the gifts out at home to take pictures before i put them away - i knew you would want to see! the essentials, hangers, super bib, ear thermometer, diaper genie refill (now i just need the diaper genie), and some lotion for me. also notice the easter bunny in the photos. 
I received 5 outfits/dresses and a bath robe that has a giraffe complete with giraffe ears and horn things on the hood. 

purple shirt and pants from target with matching hat and booties, my favorite. also a pair of "baby legs" leggings. 
this was a gift bag that made me laugh because everyone said it looked like me. it is my profile picture on facebook that is how much i like it. i hope i have better posture than her. 

i am grateful for this fun week and i pray you are having a good day too.  


Meredith said...

Yay for baby showers. The pictures were great! Keep them coming:)

Claire said...

Amy! You are such an adorable and hip pregnant lady! I wish I could see you this far along in person!!! hopefully we'll make it out there soon after Baby G is born. Love you!

Ashley said...

My friend has those baby legs for her girls and she loves them!!!

melissa said...

YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS! I must have your gorgeous pregnant lady tips to follow for later on in life!