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today pete and i went to the dr. to see how baby g was doing. i haven't had an ultrasound in a long time (maybe 5 wks) so i was very excited. the baby is a healthy size, 4 1/2 lbs. or so. she is still a girl, has a good size head, abdomen, and thigh bone (femur?). her head is facing down which is a relief for me and hopefully she stays that way. she is expected to gain 1/2 lb. every week and possibly be around 7 lbs. at the end. my blood pressure is good and i have gained a healthy amount of weight (no i won't put it on here.) so there are seven or so weeks left until baby g arrives and i am getting more excited every day and more uncomfortable every day as she grows bigger. 

the school year is coming to an end. only 5 1/2 weeks left! ahhhh. i planned out what i would do the rest of the year and there is not enough time to fit in everything i wanted to do - which happens every year. some day i will figure out what to fit in and what to leave out, but for now i will do my best to make the rest of the year fun and still give good learning experiences for my students. side note- i can't go to lagoon day this year and i am sad about that. it was so fun to have a day to be around the students without the pressure of the classroom. i could go i guess, but at 81/2 months pregnant it would not be fun to sit out in the heat under the pavilion all day guarding everyone's stuff. so, i will stay at school and hopefully get a lot of grading done. 

last week my school had spring break and i spent almost the whole week reorganizing my house and getting rid of things we don't need or use anymore. i even got pete to clean out the garage - it looks great now. the baby room is all ready to hold all the baby's things, the garage now holds the four boxes of "childhood memories" of mine that used to be in the baby room, and the office closet is reorganized and looking great. 

i also got a hair cut and a pedicure last week which was well past due. 

next on the list: baby shower, two may weddings, 5 year anniversary, mother's day, both brother's birthdays, finish school, get bella a shave, and do my best to be comfortable in all situations. 
two picture updates: 

family after Easter church service

tulips that are still hanging on after the april snow storm

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Sarah said...

This doesn't have to do with the post, but there isn't a place to comment on your snippets. I like the snippet about Bethany's new baby. I don't know her, but I can't wait for baby g either.