final baby shower tonight

the ladies at church are throwing me a baby shower tonight and i am very excited. after tonight i can be better prepared to know what i still need to get for the baby. i know we still need a dresser (the one i bought was too big, too cheap, so we took it back) and a crib mattress. there are many more things i can think of but i want to wait and see if we get some of them tonight. i hope it will be a good time of fellowship with pretty much all the important ladies in my life. i will try to have someone take pictures and upload them for you to see. for all my out of town friends, i wish you could be here to share in this time with me. i hope you are having a great time in your various areas of the world. 

so happy may day to you! i feel like the count-down to baby g has really begun. i am 34 wks now which means a min. (hopefully not) of three weeks to a max of about 7 before baby g comes to the world! i know that i am not in control of when God has planned for her to join us, but this time in my life i hope that His will matches closely with mine. i am hoping for anytime after june 1 or even may 29 because that is the last day of school. anytime after may 21st is considered "full term" and she wouldn't be premature. but, that way i wouldn't have to worry about making sure everything was ready in case i need a sub (although i am working on that). plus i would like to make it to the end to say good-bye to all my kids that i have taught for three years now! i am going to miss teaching very much, but it is only for a season, and i know being a mom will be an awesome adventure. so, please pray for baby g to be content for a while longer and keep growing for at least a month! 

happy may-day and hugs to you if i don't see you tonight! 


mogg said...

Yay, so fun! You got so much stuff - happy shower!

Claire said...

Hoooray! I hope it was a great shower, hope to see pictures, and am so glad that it is now May 15- a few weeks closer to the full-term and end of school!