recent pictures

okay, baby shower pictures (not many turned out so maybe other people have better ones of the whole group)

i received much needed things like diapers and a diaper genie, and not so needed but nice things like lots of clothes and this waterfall rainforest soother that hooks on the crib.
cute cherry outfits - i am glad i wasn't bombarded with pink things
cupcake - cake. it was very delicious
as you can see there were streamers and many people from all parts of my life. thank you to all who came. jen gave a nice devotion/pep talk before we did the presents. it gave me hope that i can be a good mom and i have other moms who can help me. 
pete's grandpa gompert knitted a blanket and hat for baby g
i think sarah is signing for more! (you know the little baby sign language stuff - maybe luke is teaching her what he knows)
anne got this giant sheep thing from smiths. she said she just had to have it. 

the baby room is missing a couple things but mostly it is all finished and looks so wonderful. 
this is the bedding design i chose. 

chair for nursing and just because i was told i needed something like it. (hopefully that lamp will have a table to rest on)
wall canvas hangings, nice touch
this is the quilt that came with the bedding. i decided to hang it on the wall for now because the baby can't use it anyway. (you know, sids issues)
this is a diaper stacker. for all you who didn't know - like me- it hides the diapers and gives you a place to store them too! very nice
dresser/changer, and the diaper genie
sometimes blogger really bothers me - anyway, above is the crib, below is the closet complete with all of baby g's things. pete put a better shelving system in because the clothes are so short anyway. 
okay, i put the bouncer together all by myself. now all we need is batteries. below is the cradle we will use for the first little while. pete's grandpa peters made it when pete was born. i found a pad and a sheet for it and we are ready to go. it has a G on the side for gompert
dave and tina's reception. someone might have a full length shot of me, but for now this is what you get. sarah's hair was pretty cool but you can't tell by the picture. 
probably should have cropped jeremy out of this one, but i am so sick of uploading pictures to blogger that it is too late. 
so there you go, a lot of stuff in a few weeks. now i just have two weeks of school to get through and wait for that baby to come! pete and i are still reading through the Bible. we just started the gospel of john and are in 2 samuel now. 


mogg said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the room! I've been smacked down hard core by you! It looks so good, the furniture is amazing, so cute! Nice work Amy!

melissa said...

That cradle is SO GORGEOUS. I love it! (PS, so are you - I am in love with your hair!)

Sarah said...

We look so good!