last meeting on the last day of school

i am in a meeting on the last day of school, my room is cleaned out and empty, and i am leaving this place. yes i will be sad, someday, but now i am excited that the end of the year has come. i have about three big boxes of teacher supplies that i took home, so i must sort through those things and put them away. i loved my time teaching here at chs. i have been working with this school since 2003 and the past three years at the high school with my own classroom! i enjoy teaching very much. i especially love it when my students remember things from past years and bring it up to me later. my favorite class of students got me a gift and a card for the baby so she would know that the 10th grade world civ class was special to me. they purchased a stuffed animal - hippo! it was a joke from the first of the year when we were learning about the egyptians and the nile river. i made a comment about hippos being dangerous and it all went down hill from there. i think we talked about hippos for 10 mins. and we were laughing and going crazy but i hope they will remember not to approach hippos ever for fear of death! 
the infamous hippo!
my 10th grade class (minus two, one was late and the other is hiding which is why i am a bit out of the picture in the second shot)

i bought a yearbook this year and it was signed by many. maybe i will come back to chs to teach later, but i think the students i taught will be graduated by then, maybe, we'll see. now i move on to a new job of being a parent. i am very excited and nervous but i am overwhelmed by how much God has blessed us. 

yearbook signing in the cafetorium (cafeteria + auditorium - i like to call it the cafetora-bowl-o-rama-dome)

this is "n" she is one of my foreign exchange students. i will miss her very much.

this is "A" she is a sweet girl and i know i will see her family every once in a while at church and things like that. i helped them sell the jewelry from ghana this year. 

we had a picnic bbq after school just for the teachers. it was a time to say good bye and have a relaxing end to the year. it was fun and the school got us a nice office type parting gift with a desk clock and a pen with my name engraved on the handle - a real grown-up pen

 also i noticed that this will be my 202nd post on this blog! that is a lot of writing my life for the world to see. i wonder how my blog will be when the baby comes. first i have to say prepare for it to be dormant for a while so i can figure out how to care for little baby g, then i will try not post only baby stuff all the time. okay, over and out. 


Sarah said...

copy that red leader.

Claire said...

SO excited for you! How sweet of them to get you a hippo!