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the past two weeks have been super busy and i haven't been blogging at all. i at least manage to read your blogs to keep up to date, but rarely do i comment and i haven't even had time to update my snippets column. so tonight i am making time because i have a lot to update. 

it was our fifth year anniversary this past friday. five years has gone by so fast and a lot has happened in our lives in five years. we have lived in two houses, had four dogs (now just the one), 5 different jobs between us, and many joys and a few heartaches. the Lord has blessed us so much through everything and we both have grown more spiritually in the past five years than maybe ever in our lives. i am so thankful for all we experienced together. 

we both bought phones this week and decided to give them to each other for our anniversary - maybe that is the new thing you give for five years of marriage. pete's is blue and mine is red. they are touch screen too and i love it so far. 
for 3/4 of our fourth year of marriage i have been pregnant which has brought on a whole new dynamic to our relationship. my pregnancy has been very healthy and a great experience for me. i have enjoyed being pregnant and looking forward to our new little girl to arrive. being parents will be a whole new thing for us and we are excited and a bit nervous for all the responsibility it brings. i have been spending the past few weeks getting all the "stuff" ready for the baby to use. we have all the bedding and furniture, i washed all the newborn - 3 month clothes and blankets, socks, booties, hats, all of that stuff. i have made multiple trips to various stores to exchange things and i currently have a pile of stuff waiting to be returned when i am sure that is all that will need to be returned (i can only take things back without a receipt twice or something like that?) 

i still need to do important things like find a pediatrician, pack our hospital bag, oh, and think of a name for baby g! but she will come when she is ready and we will be "ready" too. 

here i am at 35 weeks of pregnancy, only four weeks to go (at most) this is the biggest i have been so far, we will see how much more i can grow! 

now on to some pictures. i am going to put them in a separate post but they are from the baby shower on may 1st, the baby room, and dave and tina's wedding yesterday. hope you enjoy. 

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mogg said...

Yay! You look great and we are so excited for you guys! Happy Anniversary by the way and thanks for the phone call yesterday! Baby Fogg will join us in less than 48 hours - isn't that crazy?