so far


i woke up around 8
ate coco puffs for breakfast
checked facebook 
watched the morning news on fox 13
took bella outside and fed her breakfast - she didn't eat it
got ready for the day
made the bed
took bella outside - yes in the rain
went to grounds for coffee
read my Bible for the day - luke 9, Jesus sent out the 72 and joshua 21-23 more land being split up among the tribes
received a call from the dr.'s office - my appointment was moved to next week because she had two deliveries today and she will be out of town the rest of the week
watched people at the coffee shop - they talked about dave ramsey and some weird parasite that looks like a cross and can make your body "rise" from the dead in three days - i didn't understand it all but it was weird
put in my headphones finally
made a rainy day genius mix
uploaded lots of photos to facebook (most were already on my blog)
thinking about lunch
going home to clean out the baby room and get rid of some things! 
dinner with pete
accountability with the girls

that is my day, hope you have a great day 


Ciao Baby said...

whirlwind of a day---the parasite story is interesting, was it only discovered this year because it hadn't evolved until now? ha-ha people trying to disprove the resurrection

melissa said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Miss you.

Whitney said...

I love your new layout. I love you.