scottsbluff 2009

august 7-9 2009 the utah gomperts went to visit the nebraska gomperts (and all the others in between) this means we also took jane's first road trip and she left the state for the first time. yes, as gomperts, it seems that our nebraska trips last for 3 days or less. i am not sure why, other than there is not much to do in scottsbluff so we get all our visiting done in 3 days. anyway, we went for pete's cousin amy's wedding, and so jane could meet everyone. she is the 12th great grandchild and they were very excited to finally meet her.

here are some pictures of the festivities:

jane's wedding dress - she did not like it
it was slippery and a little itchy
hanging out before the wedding with great grandpa
saturday was bright and sunny so she wore her hat and sunglasses outside. a bit goofy but cute
amy and her momma dancing
pete got a little too close, but it is an overall good picture (still not quite the same as pre pregnancy)
grandpa tom, helping jane sleep
dad and jane's second wedding outfit
back at great grandma and grandpa's house on ave 0
jane's first kid birthday party! abby turning one
she was playing on the mat and got tired
dad had to help her calm down before bed
great grandma trying to help jane calm down - she was pretty good at it

and there you have it. our trip was good, but ever since then jane has been more fussy and lost her appetite pretty severely for about 3 days. she is getting back to normal now. i hope it was because she was two months old, not necessarily that she will not travel well.

good bye for now

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