i finally captured it:

the jane smile. i have been trying to get a good picture every since she was born. i finally captured it, even though this is the tail end of the smile it is a good shot.

the rest are more pictures of jane at 10 weeks
blurry but a goofy girl
this is to prove to sarah that jane moves around throughout the night. she began the night near the top of the picture, and this is where i found her in the morning. every night is something different
she scared herself and threw her arms out - she still has a strong moro reflex
playing on the mat, she caught the bug by the legs. she has been catching it more often now.
the other day when she caught it she tried to eat it but couldn't pull it close enough
video of play time - 50 sec. long and a bit boring if you don't want to see her swat at the ladybug, make faces at the star, and make little baby noises - mostly for the grandmas. also i moved around to get a better view and decided to go back to the original spot so follow along and you will be fine.

so that is it, the beginning of the 10th week of jane, here's to many more to come!


Jan Ciao Baby Massie said...

this grandma loves it - grandpa too - he's off to work with a nice memory :)

Sarah said...

I love her little tongue in the video. Such a funny girl.

Claire said...

so cute!!