the husbands might not like this...

okay, it is time once again to play: where am i?

as i was out and about today, you know, running errands with jane. which she did not enjoy and i had to take her out of the carseat to keep her happy just long enough to get what i needed. also, more people come up and ask questions about your baby if they are not in a seat - just so you know. anyway, i stumbled upon a wonderful sight that many of us in the ogden area thought was gone forever:

yes! i was so excited that i took a picture. it is just as expensive as it always is, but if you can spend a bit more for a special treat, now you can.

this place has so much more of a selection too. look at how much is available. but i am going to make you guess where it is.
this is the only clue, and a great one if you are familiar with the area.

i will tell you soon, so kaytee, lanie, and sarah, and anyone else who loves these products, happy meyers to you!


Kaytee said...

I do not know where that is but I am VERY excited. I just stocked up when I went to Park City last weekend. SO glad I don't have to now. So tell me where they are!

Jan Ciao Baby Massie said...

I'm totally first thought was ULTA then you took a picture of north Ogden? What is going on, what are these products? I'm questioning my reasoning skills :)

Jan Ciao Baby Massie said...

Cute, I did a little research and figured out the product; which is sold in 3 locations in northern ut! I'm back to reality - thanks internet.

amy said...

the answer:

it's "the grocer in your neighborhood!"

HARMONS! at 2nd street five points