i love school, part 2 of 5

okay, continuing from the previous post, these are more memories from my 20 years of schooling:

jr. high was spent at four different locations. 6th grade i was home-schooled at our home in woodscross. 7th grade was 3/4ths homeschool and 1/4 public school at millcreek jr. in bountiful (mostly spanish, art, and p.e. the subjects i didn't get in homeschool. we also tried math and something else but i only did that for one semester) - i walked there most days, which, when i think of it now was pretty far - not far enough for the bus. 8th grade i was home-schooled/video correspondence at my grandma's in farmington as we built our house in south weber. and finally, 9th grade was at layton christian academy while we lived in farmington.

because of all these locations, jr. high smells like the metal of the lockers in 7th grade, the carpet at lca, and the wet cement in my grandma's basement. i think i had my own locker in jr. high and my first friends lockered right next to me. i was so awkward in 7th grade, but so were they. i had two good friends - one we called ashley spashley, and i associate meeting them with the area by our lockers. actually, i saw them later in high school - when i was in bountiful at a viewmont game - at pace's. it was so weird because they were exactly the same. i felt i had changed a lot since then, oh well.

we turned the unfinished area of my grandparent's basement into a kitchen/dining room; which is where we had school. we left the floors cement near the laundry area. every so often some water would bubble up through the drain on the other side of the room (i forget why) but the cement would stay wet for a while and i will never forget that smell, i think the issue is fixed now.

i hadn't been to school full time outside of my home for 3 years when i went to lca. i think it was because i wanted to be with friends during the day (i was probably driving my mom crazy) and i did not enjoy teaching myself (mostly in math - no offense mom.) lca was where kelli went so my parents looked into it. i met a lot of people at lca, some good friends, some not so good. i remember the smell of the carpet because we always sat in the (one) hallway in between classes to talk. now, because of mrs. davis, i realize that was pretty gross. we did not care, because it was "cool."

for more stories of jr high; like the year my cousin and i were homeschooled by an old guy from 1992 pensacola florida, or the year kelli, melissa, joy, amy, and i were cheerleaders together, or my favorite spot to eat lunch outside mustang headquarters, and who can forget underwear man! anyway, just ask and i'll be glad to fill you in.


Jan Ciao Baby Massie said...

I didn't realize you were thrown around in Jr. High so much. You're one strong cookie because those were rough years. I can't wait for your High School stories :)

melissa o said...

Eagle fans in the stands, you've got spirit, clap your hands! :) Miss you.

Sarah said...

I swear the smell in grandma's basement was burning sulfur or something. Awful. Now because I said that it reminds me of Return to Oz---poiiiiison.