a day in the life of me as a mom

jane is 2 months old as of tomorrow. i have obviously been through a lot of changes in those two months. even now, as i write this, it is 5:28 a.m. and i am waiting for jane to calm down so i can go back to sleep. she woke at 4:45 because she was hungry and now she has the hiccups. i wanted to blog what a typical day is like for me now. so here you go:

monday 08.03
-wake-up to feed jane: around 6am
-put her back to bed, eat breakfast and get ready to go to the gym (i fell back asleep for a bit and therefore was late in getting ready and feeding her again before the gym - i went to a later class)
-fed jane at 8:00
-took bella outside and left for gym at 9:30
-stopped at the coffee shop for 10 min. - drank iced coffee and read acts 25
-arrive at gym and take jane to the nursery (i am so thankful for them, i don't think i would workout much if i didn't have that - too hot outside)
- 10am body attack class, one hour (this was the hardest workout i have had since jane was born, it was literally like my body was being attacked by itself, good workout)
- 11am, jane is still sleeping as we drive home
-11:30 time to feed her again
-12 jane falls asleep on my chest, so precious, i put her in her crib and she immediately wakes up, but she is calm so i leave her there
-12:30 i eat lunch (not healthy enough but tasted good)
-1:00 get in shower (risky because she was just barely asleep, she didn't start to cry until i was almost done with my shower)
- jane calms down and plays with her activity mat while i get dressed, put on makeup, and dry my bangs.
2:00 - she's hungry again
3:00 - after changing a diaper full of poop twice, we leave for the grocery store
3:15-4:15 - (yes it takes me an hour almost, sort of therapeutic) groceries are done and jane is calmly awake in her carseat
4:30 - unload jane, unload groceries, put a load of laundry in the washer
5:00 - feed jane again - she woke up on her own too
5:45 - get ready to leave for Bible study (meeting pete there this week) by feeding bella, changing diaper, and putting clothes in the dryer (i almost forgot)
6:00 - leave for Bible study, pick up dinner, eat at terry's. jane slept almost the whole time. we ended around 8 and that is when she woke up - it was time to eat again
8:00 - headed home
8:30 - feed jane
9:15 - change her diaper and put her pajamas on
9:30 - put jane down for bed (we are trying to make it earlier, but often we are out during the earlier times)
10:00 - jane is finally asleep (sometimes she uses her pacifier to fall asleep but that means we have to go in there to put it back in if she realizes it has fallen out
10:30 - use the b-pump because she is sleeping for the 11 o'clock feeding
10:45 - wash pump parts and bottles
i am not sure what else i did or what i left out of the schedule, but somehow i did not go to bed until 11:45? so whatever.

that is a typical day, i usually try to make it to the gym and shower everyday, some days that doesn't happen and the 3:00 outing changes depending on the day and sometimes we stay home and nap or start on dinner. making dinner is still a challenge to me but other things i am catching on to.

have a great day


Jan Ciao Baby Massie said...

...you do/are/being ALL THAT and so much more with ALL GRACE, TRUTH & LOVE. I love you

Anonymous said...

ha! this is great, i can totally relate! amy--have you ever thought about writing.?. this is corie btw

amy said...

i definitely enjoy writing much more now. i think it is partly due to being a teacher - which gives me friends who encourage journaling my thoughts - and my desire to keep things around longer than i will be. i do need a lot of help to grow my writing but when i work at it, it's not that bad