tagged? i changed the rules

okay, so i think i was tagged by melissa, but i didn't like her game so i found a new one on someone else's blog. here's how it works: 

go to your photos and click on the fourth file folder. in that folder you choose the fourth photo and tell about it. so i did that, and ...

it was the folder titled, amy and pete pictures. so i will tell you about it. this photo is from 2003 i think. i can't remember if it was before or after we were engaged. this photo is one of my favorites. little side note, my eyeshadow was a chillstick from marykay and i loved it (they don't make them anymore but they should), end side note. we were at pete's house just being silly, but it turned out to be a pretty good picture, thanks for reading. 

at this point in the game you "tag" four people. so i want to know what the fourth picture in your fourth file is: 

leah z
jen k
mat w (maybe it will help you blog, hint hint)
carrie w (yes you)

good day


jen said...

done. :)

(and cute pic of you and the pete.)

Sarah said...

fun game! I love those chillsticks, and they definitely need to bring them back!