fun weekend

this post is to thank those who helped me have a great weekend. 

my weekend began after work on friday. i came home, played with bella, packed for my scrapbook extravaganza, and cooked a delicious empanada thing for pete and we ate it. i was then picked up by my mom and we were off to croptoberfest (craptoberfest as pete calls it). we stayed all night at a hotel with about 75 other people. i actually scrapbooked and finished my trip to italy (you need to see it those who care). my sister came too and we stayed up till 1:30am (my mom was actually the one we had to convince to go to bed.) the breakfast in the morning was great and then it was off to scrapbook some more. we had a great time full of snacks, prizes, and gifts - i will definitely make this a yearly or bi-yearly event. 

saturday evening we went to javiers for dinner with kaytee, and jesse came too. we heard the birthday song 3 times in one hour (lots of birthdays on the 8th i guess.) we later went to hang out with mat, noah, and mike, which was a surprise to them, and we played guitar hero/rockband, and hearts. jesse won, but i was a close second. 

sunday we had a great church service (go out and show God's love), cheese to the max for lunch, followed by laundry and a nap then dinner at lanie's with some pizza and friends. 

so thank-you to all who helped me have a good time, and thank-you to pete who let me scrapbook almost all weekend and next saturday too! you are the best (also shout out to the longboarders who helped keep pete happy while i was gone)


Sarah said...

"Are you afraid of people stealing your luggage???!!! Buy this pillow and you'll never sleep again."

Ciao Baby said...

LOL and Crying!!