God is good

today at work i received the weekly devotion in my email. our school has a spiritual committee made up of local pastors (such as pastor terry) and a board member from the school. every week one of the pastors (tim) writes a devotion that is sent out to people (i don't know who all receives it) anyway, enough intro. this week the devotion is about God and how He is good no matter what situations we are going through. the verse he used was "ps. 107.1 - Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever." no matter what is happening in our lives we need to remember that God is good, He always has been and always will be. How has God been good in your life recently? Let me know. 

God has blessed pete and i financially and we were able to purchase a new stove and microwave (i know it is silly, but i am excited and our camera is broken so pictures coming when i remember to take one with my computer)

God reminds me of how blessed i am to know Him every day as i realize that i am no longer of the world! 

a person i once knew used to say: God is good and we would say: all the time

so as you go about your day, remember that- all the time, God is good. 

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jen said...

God is good in my life right now for many reasons, but one in particular is a situation that I had no control over and was trying not to stress/worry about, just trusting that God would work things for good. In the end, God completely provided for the need. I am very thankful that God provided for me, and I'm even more thankful that He gave me peace even before I knew He was going to provide.

I wanna come see the new stove and microwave!