camera is back!

finally i can blog about what i have wanted to. our camera broke and we recently got it back. so now you can see some pictures of our "new" kitchen. we got a new stove and a microwave! plus, now my mixer fits on the counter! woohoo

this is the before picture. right after we moved in (about 2 1/2 years ago):

and this is the after: (not much changed but it looks so much better)
our beautiful sink and it's friend crockpot
the red mixer finally has enough space on the counter! 
view from the living room. 
thank-you, come again


Sarah said...

looks like someone needs to host a party at this new-and-improved house!

Ciao Baby said...

Let's have a cooking date soon please :) it looks fantastic

Ashley said...

Very cute, I like how open it is.