break time!

i am officially on Christmas break! our school gets two whole weeks this year and i am so excited. my break is quickly filling with parties and cleaning and school work, but i will make time to see friends who are in town and those who i see all the time. i have a long to do list, but most of it is my choice anyway. i hope you can find at least some days off to enjoy those close to you and remember God's choice to leave His place in heaven and come to earth for us. 

if you have any suggestions for a song i could sing with a few other girls at the Christmas eve service i would love to hear them (yes i am a bit behind but planning to tackle it saturday and sunday) i am thinking - o come o come Emmanuel, or what child is this? or something else, i don't really know. 

upcoming post = bella is one year old! 

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Sarah said...

Gift card to Johnny's Dairy!?! Awesome!...oh the memories...