new toys

recently i have had a very busy schedule that is just starting to slow down. i have been to parties and weddings, and meetings. all good things too. i also spent a week home alone while pete was in china. 

we bought a new camera (see picture) so pete could take it with him and i use it now for everything else. 

the following pictures are of my other new toys. 

i went to a sensy party at sabrina's house and bought a large sensy and an outlet sensy with three scents.

the large helps my kitchen smell like good things and the outlet sensy is in my classroom and the students love it. 

thanks for letting me share my new toys with you. hopefully my posts will have more pictures in them because now i can take my camera in my purse wherever i go! have a great day. 

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Ciao Baby said...

i enjoy my small scentsy pot too. you have hidden the cord on the large pot, soooo well on the bakers rack; i call you 'master scentsy' hahaha.
yah for small cameras and large purses