teachers are great

this weekend is busy for me. it is the end of quarter one at school so we have to turn in our grades by monday. friday was a 1/2 day at school but i missed it because of a conference i presented at down at byu. so i have a lot of grading to get to today and tomorrow. the plus side, i had a great time at the conference. it was the utah council teachers of english annual conference and i presented because of the wasatch range writing project i participated in this summer. in order to attend the summer institute for free, i have to present my work twice this year to a group of teachers. the ucte conference was my first time presenting my "research" i won't tell you all about it on here, but you can ask me if you want to know what my presentation was about. overall, i did fine. about 20 people came to my session and they are all very nice. i enjoy talking to a group of teachers because we are all similar and everyone is very nice (even if it is just a front.) end note, english teachers seem to be more friendly than other content teachers; maybe because there are more women than social science teachers. either way i think all teachers are great. so to all you teachers out there, thanks. 


Ciao Baby said...

...you weren't nervous---good for you!

Whitney said...

Great job! And if you thing English teachers are nice just wait till you get a bunch of preschool special educators together! It's love fest!