field trip for science

i recently went on a field trip with the 9th grade science class. we went to the aquarium in salt lake (way out there at 106 S.) the pictures below are from the trip. there were a lot of cool fish and some scary ones too. so join me on a picture journey:

they have a fresh water and salt water area. the fresh water is about the water in utah
the frog was cute (bad picture, though)
i forgot what kind of fish these are (some sort of trout), but they were huddled in the corner just floating (i also used flash on this one, don't tell)
this toad was fat and lonely
the ocean area had two big coral tanks and a shark tank
this eel was building a house but he didn't make any progress because the moment he moved the little rocks out of his rock place he would drop them on the other side and they would fall back down into his place. it was sad to watch
these are tiger fish, very pretty, very poisonous
try to guess where the fish are in this picture...
that's right, they are the two ugly things in the corner (freaky huh?)
this fish was big and ugly but the black light made him look cool
the jelly fish changed colors as their light changed. 
this is a bad picture of the octopus but he was big and he moved a lot
next to the octopus is his friend the lobster, the biggest i have seen

the sea horse were fun. they held onto the kelp with their tails. 

the video of the shark tank didn't upload, sorry. the girls i was with really enjoyed being scared by the fish that would swim by.

the trip was fun. we also could touch the stingrays and starfish. i felt bad for the fish that lived there (i don't think it was close enough to their true habitat but that is another story for later i guess) overall i had a good time, but once is enough times to go there because it is so far away and we were late coming back so both my classes missed instruction time (which i am very covetous of). i think elementary students would benefit the most from the aquarium so take them there if you have them. end. 


jen said...

We went there last November for Avery's birthday and the girls enjoyed it quite a bit. Avery especially loved touching the eels.

Whitney said...

Looks like fun. I want to eat the eels in my sushi!