new way to practice geography

this post came about because of two events that happened today. one - i checked jen's blog. two - mat commented on how some of us haven't posted in a while and that is kind of boring. so in light of all of that... i have created another blog! this one is not as personal and will be used for my students someday. i want you to check it out and tell me what you think. so even if geography is your favorite subject to hate please look anyway you might like it?

on that blog i will be known as mrs. g so thanks,

love mrs. g

geography rocks


Kimber said...

Hey this is cool!

Claire said...

Hey I played a bunch of the games on this new blog and they are so fun! AND it makes me realize I'm so unaware of MUCH of the world's geography! Yipes!

As a teacher this blog is already helping this student learn some about our world!