watching tv as if it were a movie

sarah and i wanted to watch a movie tonight so we called each other a million times trying to decide what to rent; in the end we chose scrubs season 5! yep, that's right we are watching tv tonight in place of a movie. the nice thing is - no commercials! so hope your friday was exciting and fun. not much of an update, just a strange look into the life of amy - see ya later (more to come later)


sarah said...

ha ha ha Tina and I decided that Scrubs is the best show ever made! "Knife-Wrench!" Those cookies were also the best cookies I ever made, because I always burn the cookies or don't cook them enough...ya me!
Love you
p.s. "don't smother your kids..."

Ciao Baby said...

...I went to the slowest moving ballet ever while you watched knife-wrench doctors! lucky