sisters, sisters

i love my sister! we have so much fun together and she can understand things about me that most people don't because she is like me in many ways. she also has qualities that balance me out because we are very different. we have many good memories and some not so good times but i don't remember those as well. she used to be the little sister who stole all my clothes and wanted to hang out with my friends. then i became the older sister who stole all her clothes and jewelry. now we are older sister, younger sister who struggle together and laugh together, not a whole lot of fighting anymore. so even through all the annoying things we do to each other we are growing closer and i hope it continues on even when we are really old sisters who go get their hair done together and go out to eat afterwards to show off our new hairdos! so sarah, i love you and i am glad we can talk, cry, and laugh together. "mugga mugga"


sarah said... hair was longer than yours in all of those pictures and my facial expressions were also better and i totally knew Pete before you did and had more boyfriends than you and I laugh louder than you and bake more homemade brownies that i eat in my Olympic size pool filled with ocean water and my cat sleeps on my bed and i have been to the moon...twice so...
ha ha ha Penelope is crazy.
I love that we're friends and sisters at the same time...when we were younger we thought that would never happen!
thanks sis.

ciao baby said...

...great relationship!!

Whitney said...

Aww. Now I want to hug my little sissy!