first post of the new year!

2008 is here and i am excited! i think this year will be great and full of many experiences, some good and some possibly not but such is life. i have made some goals for the new year and i am still working on the list (i make the first week a free week to work out the kinks) but here are some that i have:

in no real order other than the order i remember them in...
  • workout at least 3x a week
  • eat much healthier foods
  • cook dinner at least 3x a week (i need fast, easy, healthy dinners, help me out people)
  • clean the house twice a month (been slacking lately)
  • play with and train the dog everyday
  • spend less money on coffee
  • plan my lessons one week ahead at work
  • communicate problems before they become real problems
  • work on my tolerance for things that annoy me
  • read my Bible just for fun more often
  • journal my thoughts and realizations about God and my life
  • look for God's involvement and direction in my life everyday
those are my goals for 2008 so far, i always make a lot so i have something left at the end of the year. we will see how it goes, feel free to ask me how i am doing any time, i like that. ~amy


Craig said...

At least you have some new year resolutions. As I'm writing this I think my first one is going to have to be "Make $1000 using my stock portfolio." Too much? Wish me luck

Ciao Baby said... did your Sunday enchilada/taco meal workout?