scene it

right now i am at my parents house with sarah, micah, and pete we are playing the game scene it. i have four points, sarah and micah both have three and pete, my pete has 13! that's right pete is kicking butt at a board game of sorts. now as i am typing pete just received two more points. we are having a nice little competition and pete is totally winning, good job pete

i hope all of your holidays were nice and relaxing. thank-you to all who came to the Christmas eve service. I think it went well and thank-you to p.t. for sharing in my nervousness! 

by the way, i am using my brother's mac to post right now and i love it. the keyboard is so easy to type on it makes it kinda fun. now i'm sure it wouldn't be as fun if i were typing a paper but it is still nice, thanks craig! 



Ciao Baby said...

watch out---Oregon Trail Rocks too!!

Jen said...

MAC is the best!!!