This Year, twenty-sixteen

This year! I am so excited for this year, 2016. I have always loved fresh starts: first day of the year, month, job, school. The first day is energizing and life giving. It has a way of helping you say goodbye to the past and move on in hope. I am hopeful that twenty sixteen will be the year God has intended for me. I am looking forward to opportunities to take and not miss, to our family growing stronger together, and to the fact that our year, as of now, is uneventful and unplanned but I'm sure it will fill up quickly and I'm going to try to help those things be intentional and to glorify God through it all.

Review of last year: It was a good year, a "normal" ordinary year, yet I grew in my relationships with nearly everyone. I am thankful that God is showing me my sinful nature but with reminders that I am not controlled by sin but belong to God. I did indeed memorize Colossians 3:12-17 and also 3:18-4:1 though it's a bit rusty now but I am glad to have accomplished something I set out to do. I am still working on memorizing Romans chapter 8 and will continue that goal until it is completed - hopefully in 2016 but some how it will be done because it has brought me such joy in knowing that truths contained in that chapter and knowing them in my mind and heart.

My "arsenal" for this year: Bible, journal, parenting book to reread, devotional, counting gifts journal/thankful journal, Bible study on Romans, and academic planner. 

Along with continuing to memorize Romans eight, this year, I bought a book to help me in my Bible times and prayer. It's called The Songs of Jesus a yearly devotional in the Psalms written by Tim Keller and his wife Kathy. I am trying to use it to guide my prayer life in actually talking with God and understanding better how he cares for us. I know I will miss a day or two or fifteen but I will not guilt myself as if I've somehow failed myself or God but I will simply carry on and know that God has something for me to learn in His Word so I should seek Him there.

I have other goals, in other areas of my life, because it helps me to reset and make plans, but I'll not list them here, just yet. But one reminder I will be using is a printable from Ann Voskamp that I hope will help me focus my intentions and look to God for strength. You can find it here in her blog on looking forward this year and having purpose in resolutions.

I am ready for 2016 and very excited. I know that we will have hardships of some type or another but I am trusting God that whatever he sends our way will be for His glory and I pray he will sustain us through it and we will react in a way that points others around us to the love of Christ and his grace.

I love music and I am often encouraged by different songs throughout the year and this year I will listen to the song "This Year" by JJ Heller probably a million times! It sums up what I hope for myself this year. I pray you will listen to it too and be encouraged; plus she's just adorable and I love their music so go buy one of her albums, my favorites so far are "I Dream of You" and "Painted Red"

Happy New Year, may you experience all of life in the light of God's glory and grace.

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