Conversations with my four year old boy

Today, at lunch, he turned to me and said, "Mom, I think we should get some rabbits. The giant kind. And, I would like a whole herd of giant rabbits too."

I simply smiled at him and laughed too. See, Pete gets a magazine called "Farm Show" and this month's issue had a picture of a man with his Flemish Giant Rabbit - which is huge! So obviously that's the only rabbit that the boy wants. We often take trips to our local IFA store sometimes just so the kids can see the bunnies and chicks. The kids have wanted a bunny for a pet but then we got a kitten so I told them they'd have to wait a few years. But I think if we ever do get a rabbit, it will either be a mini-size (like I want) or a giant of a beast that the kids want. Maybe next year, instead of pigs, we can raise a herd of giant rabbits! 

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