Ski time with kids

A couple weeks ago, in our area, a series of snow storms came through. Our house received about 8" in 48 hours and our ski resort, Snowbasin, received about 11" total from the storms. I'm sure Friday would have been an amazing powder day to ski. If you love skiing as much as my husband you would get it; but I don't have that level of love for the slopes (yet?) so I was fine staying home with the warmth of my coffee and listening to the kids playing downstairs. 

However, it was suggested to me that since the girl had a day off of school, I should take the kids skiing Friday. Well, I have never taken both kids skiing by myself so I was hesitant. Now as I type this, it sounds ridiculous to me. I mean, I birthed these children and have raised them up this far. They are my job and I take them everywhere with me. I have successfully managed the zoo, IKEA (without the smaland), many grocery trips, swimming pools, hiking, and other outings with just me and them. So skiing with the two should be something I am capable of too, right? But here's the deal, all the other activities I do with the kids are mostly me watching them do the activity or them helping me. Rarely do all three of us participate in the same activity at the same time - enter skiing, biking, "swimming" which I usually wade around and help them, and hiking too I guess, though it's just walking on a trail. I've only been back to skiing for three seasons now so I'm not what you would call an expert. So in my mind, the three of us going skiing is like three beginners skiing together. No guidance, no experts, no help. Last season, I also tore my ACL on our last run of the year so that is mentally messing me up too; though physically I am capable of skiing again. 

Imagine the scene: we start preparing at 1:30pm and leave the house at 1:55 (a record as far as I'm concerned even with most of their ski gear already loaded up in our "ski bin.") I thought that later in the day would be less busy and we could pull right in and park in lot A or B. Nope, we parked in lot E - Next time I'll park in the lower lot because it's the last stop of the shuttle before going back to the lodge. I got out of the car and put on my boots and helmet then helped the kids put on their helmets and gloves. I handed each kid their poles and skis - which they cradle in their arms sort of like a bundle of sticks. I grabbed my skis and poles and off we went. I didn't want to stand around waiting for the shuttle to stop by so I figured we could start walking and hop on when it came by. Well we were almost to lot C when the boy dropped all his gear right in the middle of the road. So there I am with a whiny kid in the middle of the parking lot trying to pick up his skis without dropping my own. Thankfully no one was around to see this mess but also that means no one was around to lend a hand either. We kept walking and by the time the shuttle came we were almost to lot A so I waved him on and we kept walking. After much whining from both kids and snapping from me, we arrived at Little Cat lift around 2:30 and proceeded to put on our skis. 

The rest of the time was okay, we only skied little cat because it was snowing a little at the base which sometimes that means more snow and less visibility up top. I tried to be kind and we did have some fun. Overall a good time with a lot of work for five quick runs. I will try to take them again sometime but it was definitely a lesson for me. Next time we will try to go earlier and have more fun snacks and incentives for good attitudes all around. 

This picture represents the happy faces of a mom and her two kids who survived their first ski afternoon together, without dad's help. I guess you could call it a successful trip but that depends on your definition of success. Websters defines success as: 

Full Definition of success 

  1. 1obsolete :  outcomeresult
  2. 2a :  degree or measure of succeedingb :  favorable or desired outcome; also :  the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence
  3. 3:  one that succeeds
So the desired outcome I wanted was to take the kids skiing and A: be able to ski with both of them and make it down the mountain in one piece, B: still be friends afterward. So I think it was a success. 

And to all you parents out there trying to do fun things with your kids even though it is difficult and may not seem worth it at the time; it is worth it and the memories are being made. If skiing isn't your thing, get out and do something with your kids and hopefully, like my kids, they'll remember more of the good moments and less of the tired and stressed moments. 

Now when I start to "go to that place in my head" when I'm out with the kids, I try to remind myself of Colossians 3:17 "Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." 

This ski trip was not really an example of living for Christ in word or deed but hopefully, by God's grace and mercy, the next time is. 

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