Christmas 2015

Our Christmas season this year was busy as it has been in the past, but not overwhelming. I'm grateful we had time with family, attended only one Christmas party - and had a good time - and were still able to make time for our own family traditions of advent and the Christmas morning ski time. 
Advent this year consisted of me reading a story to the kids while they colored an ornament for the tree. The stories were all taken from people in the Bible who were related to Jesus, in his line, or pointed to Jesus' coming. It was a great way to remember all that Christ has done for us and also ways we can share that truth with the world. 

The following pictures are from our Christmas activities from the 24th and 25th mostly. My brother Craig and his wife Courtney were able to visit this year and though their visit was short, it was nice to have an evening with them on Christmas. 
Christmas Amaryllis from Pete's Grandma

Hugs for Great-Grandma - the kids gave her an Olaf Christmas card that said, "get ready for lots of hugs"

I love wrapping presents with wrapping paper, rather than gift bags - it's relaxing like coloring. Bright blue presents were wrapped by B. 

Uncle Mike joined us for skiing and the kids had a great time on Little Cat with him. 
Family pic in front of the tree (and trash can) but it's the only family pic we took this Christmas. 
J and her buddy A went on the Little Cat lift all by themselves. I think they went six times in a row. 
ski friends
Our group picture 2015 - the fifth or sixth year for some of us. B's face is my favorite. 
J teaching her new card game - blink - to the aunts and uncle. 

Aren't they so cute? 

This is how clean my kitchen table was from after lunch on the 24th all of the 25th even through most of the 26th (except for breakfast) This mama was happy to eat at different houses and have a clean place to look at that wasn't full of wrappings and toys like the rest of the living spaces in our home. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family. I am so thankful for the family and friends we are blessed with and I pray we can be a blessing to them as well. 


Sarah said...

Great photos! And I would have loved to had heard the conversation between J & A as they rode the list by themselves. Cute girls.

Carol J said...

enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all the pics! xxoo cj