Saturday Movie Making

Saturdays are often unplanned - though in my head I know that Pete may take us skiing. Today he had already planned to work on the Bronco with Seth plus the recent storm meant the resort would be packed; so we stayed home and the kids played while I took some much needed time to update the blog. It has been six months since I've posted and man have things been happening. I documented a few events in June that I wanted to have on the blog but who knows if I'll revisit the rest of the summer or fall. I simply haven't been disciplined enough to make time for writing - an issue I wish to fix in the next few months. So here is a wonderful moment from our day: 

These two, they steal my heart when they play together. I love how they get along so well - and when they don't, it is often over quickly and they are back to playing. This morning they played in the snow; after they had waited for the temperature outside to be a bit nearer to the hospitable thirties rather than the teens. They came inside, cold and hungry, so we had lunch. I told them they should go play and they came back upstairs with the wooden "camera" from a project B had done with Papa Tom a while ago. They took turns "making movies" and it was so adorable I had to capture the moment. J's movie was something about a lost tooth and the tooth fairies. - She just pulled her own tooth this morning because it was finally so loose but was driving her crazy but she wouldn't let us help. B's movie was titled "The crazy boy." And you'll see right away what he meant. At one point he even picked up the "camera" and panned with J as she danced around the room. They are my most favorite! 

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