slept in and feeling tired

you know that feeling when you sleep in too long and instead of feeling rested you are more tired? well, that's me today. i woke up to my alarm at 7 and ben was making a few squeaks in his room but i promptly turned the alarm off and ben fell back asleep too. so 8am rolls around and i can hear ben making little cries for help in his room. he slept for 10 hours! the problem with 8am, i could also hear jane talking in her room. so i jumped up and fed ben then 30min later went down to jane's room to get her up and ready. she also slept through the whole night - 11 hours! so this momma is happy and a bit over-rested. though i haven't showered yet because i slept through that part of the morning; i think it's okay to get my sleep in once in a while - hopefully it doesn't become a habit of mine to over-sleep.

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jen said...

Sometimes sleeping in even gives me a headache. Hooray that your children slept through the night!