i hate earwigs

i had a creepy picture of an earwig on this post and had to take it off because i couldn't stand looking at my blog - that's how much i hate earwigs!

here is a list of places i have found or constantly find earwigs - which is why i hate them. they appear out of nowhere, like they say, "boo! gotcha" then run away as fast as they can. plus they have that terrible looking pincher thing on the back of them so that's just gross. i don't know what purpose they serve and i know we are to take care of God's creatures; but i'm sure they are part of "the curse" for sure.

always in my kitchen - i wash them down the drain if i can - they fight against it though

they ate! yes ate the rubber valves from my breastpump. i no longer leave the small valves out to air dry over night because two pair have been ruined mysteriously and i have had to borrow a new set from a friend who owns the same pump while i wait for the new set i bought to arrive. yes, it looked like a leaf does when little bugs eat on it.

on the bananas - they like the small dark places

in my coffee mug - now i keep the lid closed on everything i can!

in jane's bib - anything in the kitchen is unsafe and i check everything now. my life should not be ruled by creepy bugs

in ben's carseat - multiple times (i always check now) once i arrived at my parents then the earwig crawled out! yikes!!!

in my shirt - yes, it was on the ground over night - but i can't pick everything up off the ground.
on our bedspread - because it falls off in the night and thus, is on the ground!

on jane's changing pad - scary because i didn't know if it was there before or if it was on jane or what

on the ceiling, walls, even smoke detector one night.

in the pack of gum IN my purse - yep, opened it up and HELLO earwig - i hate you

- the list will grow i'm sure, but there you have it.


Meg said...

gross amy! I can't believe you've had so many! I've had a few around but they just seem to crawl out of the dishwasher.

jen said...

OH my! I will remember your pain next time I am tempted to complain about the occasional earwig I encounter in the laundry tub. I have no reason to complain compared to you! Earwigs are the grossest.