night time is stressful sometimes

- i'm going to start this post off by saying: "let's just pretend i didn't take two months off from blogging and get right back into it"

the Lord has blessed me with a wonderful, baby boy who sleeps; and for that i am more grateful every night. last night, ben slept 9.5 hours! go little man, go! jane on the other hand.... probably got a total of 10 hours (great for her health) but it was broken up into hour long sections from 2-5 am! i don't know what it is with her, but we just can't seem to fix her sleeping habits. i'm not asking for advice or sympathy, i'm simply recording this so i can have a laugh later. the past week she has been sleeping great. i put her to bed around 8 she usually falls right asleep - after some coaxing and a stuffed animal or two in bed with her - and might wake up at 10 or 11 for a usual, "change my diaper momma!" episode. because i am still awake, it doesn't bother me to change it for her. she also goes back to sleep fine - except for when she doesn't. then it becomes constant requests - and i, rather than listen to her scream for an hour if i don't fulfill them am more apt to give in. she says, "i don't like my bed" so i try to think of ways to make her feel better: "what if eeyore sleeps in your bed to help you sleep?" or "maybe you would like your baby to sleep with you too" which usually works and she falls back to sleep, sometimes for the rest of the night. well sometimes we pull out all the stops like last night....

i fell asleep on the couch, oops, till 2am. just as i was getting ready for bed i heard the monitor making noises and then the requests and whining came. "momma, change my diaper please!" (at least she said please) so i went down and changed it - it was both wet and poopy which is why i don't feel comfortable just letting her scream it out and not go change it. into her bed she went with little fuss - just a song to calm her down (she likes the lullaby song which i realized i don't know all the words and she is learning songs so quickly so i need to find the words soon) anyway, i hurried and went to sleep.
3:30am - "momma, change my diaper" which was again wet but this time she put up more of a fight to getting back in her bed. she asked for a book and a song which we did the shortest book and one song (mary had a little lamb, yes 4 verses) at least i have convinced her that sometimes it helps me to sing songs to myself to fall asleep and maybe she should try to sing to herself or her baby. it is so sweet to hear her singing on the monitor.
4:30am almost exactly an hour later - "momma, change my diaper!!!!" more insistently this time. so by now i am very annoyed and frustrated. pete has realized that i have been getting up more too and tells me to let her cry it out. i thought about it but because i fall right back to sleep when she is quiet rather than when she is screaming (yes we can hear her in our room without the monitor and i don't want her to wake ben) i decided to go down and check. pull up (i ran out of diapers) is dry which i thought it would be - but i pretended to change it because incessant screaming ensues if i don't at least "check it really quick, momma." so i put her back in her bed, this time she wanted to hold a pull up and a wipe in her bed. strange request but whatever, she likes to hold on to the wipe like a blanket and suck her thumb - i blame my mom for this habit when jane naps at their house.
5am - all was quiet and then i hear it - noises and stirring on the monitor. pete said, "just let her be and go to sleep" but then i heard her request.... "momma, there's something in my nose!" yes, you heard right so i went downstairs and she looked so panicked it was sad. the wipe i had given her had been torn into pieces and apparently she thought it would be good to push it up her nostril (yes, we've hit that stage i just didn't think it would be in the middle of the night.) long story (which this already is) - i pulled out the wipe with my finger and she said, "no, it's not all gone" sure enough there was another piece. so i got her out of bed and looked to see if i could get it. she doesn't know how to blow her nose yet so i wasn't sure if having her try to do that was working - she could have been sucking it back in for all i knew. i went and got the tweezers (i was not about to go to the er at 5 in the morning for them to do the same thing. with jane in a headlock, i pulled out the other piece. there was in fact, one more way up there and that's when i started to panic a bit. so i got my reinforcements - pete, and we went to work. headlamp, jane, tweezers and all, we were ready. i held her head and arm while pete worked the tweezers. bam! out. she did very well too - much less screaming than if a stranger had done it.
after that craziness she went right back to bed (sans wipe and pull up or anything that could be put in her nose) without even changing her diaper. sleep at last - then ben started making noises. yikes! not him too. so i let him be and he fell back asleep, thankfully.

that's the end of our night of craziness. i wish it happened less often but it's an every two or every week thing. now you know why i am so thankful for a baby that consistently sleeps because my toddler doesn't.

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