exercise dilemma

i just finished a 30 minute workout with netflix. it was from a series by self magazine and worked my heart and butt for sure. lately (since ben was born) i have been struggling to get back into a workout routine that works for my schedule and motivates me to work hard.

old routine: once jane was older and i wasn't nursing her anymore i could go to gold's gym in the morning and attend a 1 hour aerobic class which usually worked me hard and i was actually in pretty good shape before my pregnancy with ben and even through the 1st and 2nd trimesters too. the nice thing about the gym was the child care. jane could go play and be supervised so i could exercise in peace. she liked the teachers - even got the nickname "super jane" - and didn't fuss too much about me leaving her there. the problem with the gym is the distance. i knew moving to the valley would be further away but the gym took a lot of time out of the day even when we lived on 1050 n so that wasn't much of an issue (though the new truck costs a bit more in gas.) but 3rd trimester came and i just couldn't do the classes anymore so the gym was only helpful in that they watched jane. i tried to take jane on walks but the weather this spring didn't cooperate. i froze my account at the gym until after ben was born and i felt good enough to exercise again.

new "routine": so ben was born and i actually felt good enough, physically, at 4 weeks postpartum to exercise but the thought of loading both kids in the car by myself all between ben's three hour eating schedule overwhelmed me. we started out going on walks in our neighborhood and thanks to our friends i had a few double strollers to use which was wonderful. even loading them both in the stroller with sunscreen and water and such was a big production so i didn't go walking very often and then it got very hot and i am not very happy in hot weather so it was even more reason to stay in. my freeze at the gym ended in july so i tried it out a few times. i think we have been 6 times in 3 weeks which is okay but the price has gone up because of ben so i'm not too excited.

the problem with the gym now: i have a hard time making it on time to a class because of nursing ben (which i often do in the car before or after the gym while jane colors in the front seat with me.) by the time i feed ben and get them to the nursery, put my stuff in a locker, go to the bathroom, i have about 30 min to work out before it's time for jane to eat or ben or whatever. then we are down in town and i feel like i need to do something else to make the trip worth the gas but that costs more money because i usually buy lunch and groceries or some other errand which might take me across town to my parents' house and be even more gas. anyway, long story short, i don't think the gym is worth it right now - especially because i could be using the nice weather outside.

new equipment: pete found a nordic track at a garage sale for 15$ and i could use it while watching tv in the basement. i haven't quite got the hang of it, the rhythm is a bit tricky but it works while the kids are sleeping. also, we bought the trampoline from my parents and i could go jump on that for 30 min and get a pretty good workout while feeling young because i can still do a back tuck - which works all my muscles at once; but i have to do it when jane and ben are sleeping once again because i can't jump with jane on the tramp and that's what she would want to do if we were both outside.

morale of the story: i need some accountability in working out which is why i like going to the gym - even having strangers around seems to make me work harder. i also need a way to work out with my kids or commit to working hard when they are sleeping (which often is not at the same time yet.) i would like to run more but don't have a stroller that works for both kids until ben can sit on his own thus the need for childcare. i'm just not sure if the nursery is worth 70$ a month plus gas! yikes!

your job: i wrote this so some of you who read my blog can ask me how the exercising is going and maybe participate with me. i would love to go walking on the parkway - it's harder work than you think pushing a kid in the stroller and strapping one to my chest. or we could go on a hike (if someone would strap one of my kids to their back or a trail that accommodated the stroller.) so that's the deal - my gym membership is just not working out right now so solo i go for a while.


Kimber said...

I would totally LOVE to go on a walk and/or a hike with you, and would gladly share the load of strapping one of the kiddos on my back. The Walkway, is that the River Walkway by Dinosaur park? I love that trail. Any weeknight is good for me, you name it, I will be there :)

Claire said...

Hey! I'll ask you about this. My biggest suggestion is to figure out some kind of goal you'd like to meet. That might help you get motivated at those harder times, and may also free you to not feel SO regimented as long as you're meeting your goal in some way (3x a week, or a total of 90 minutes of exercise every 7 days, or being able to do 800 squats in ten seconds.. you know, whatever :)).

amy said...

thanks friends,

I would like to walk with you, kimber, but evenings aren't that great because there is not a lot of time between dinner and kid's bedtimes but sometimes it could work so we'll work something out.

claire, thanks for helping out - I know someday you will experience what it's like to workout with kids in tow but you'll be great at it because it's already a priority. I just need it to be more of a priority. I am working on making goals now. Mine will be around the lines of 3x a week or 3 days cardio and 2 days weights. I'll let you know how it's going soon.

Candace Brianna said...

Try Insanity out! I bought it, and I was a little hesitant because of the price, but I have never felt so strong. It works so well and it's only a forty minute workout for the first month and about an hour for the second month. It seems impossible when you first start, but you eventually get used to it. I am in my recovery week right now which is a DVD on core cardio and balance, and next week, I start month two. I am already half way towards my goal of losing 25 pounds. I really think it would work well with your schedule. Do a little research on it and see what you think!