hi friends,

i haven't written in a while. i am less busy and more busy at the same time but i will try to update the blog frequently. i thought i would update you on the things happening this summer.

1. i finished my writing class and it was great. i will now be more conscious of the writing i assign my students and the purpose it provides. i also have a renewed desire to be a better writer myself, sample work coming to a blog near you.

2. now that i am finished with class i can focus on jamaica! we are leaving the evening of the 17th. i am not prepared, but getting there. please pray that i can clear my mind, get everything ready, and not come back with a sickness of some kind.

3. carrie is coming today! she will be here for a week so make sure to get in on the hang out time.

4. we decided against a new dog, for now. bella is getting older so she is better behaved and two dogs does not seem helpful to us as the humans who have to take care of them.

5. my summer seems to be slipping away leaving no time for actual work. i need to get ready for next year! ahhhh

6. i am running the huntsville 5k on friday. i am not in great shape, but it should be fun. if you want to make t-shirts we should do it tomorrow! if not, oh well.

that is all for now. i am also enjoying more books. if there are books you think i should read for sure, let me know.

hope your summer is relaxing


Sarah said...

read "praise habit"-david crowder, "velvet elvis"-rob bell.
I've been on a rob bell streak lately because I am almost finished with that velvet elvis, and have been watching nooma videos like crazy!

Claire said...

Hey that's great! I had no idea you were doing a writing class- been bad about checking blogs lately, but hooray! I'm praying for all of your Jamaica travelers!